Thomson Reuters: Responsive Grids

Thomson Reuters Legal UX  |  UX Lead: Long Kounthapaya  |  UX Designer: Me

At Thomson Reuters - I worked on a large scale enterprise responsive app meant to be the "one stop shop" for all law firms. While my role was to be the lead designer for the "Workflow/Task Management" section of the app, I also helped in being the second hand to the senior designer when it came to designing the app ecosystem. I helped create conceptual styles based off of previous mood boarding, aligned similar interactive features within all sections of the app, and lastly, created these grids for the designers to reference in the name of designing for a responsive system. 

This web app was intended to be responsive from the ground up, capable of responding to any mobile handheld (Iphone 4 at 320 px) to the largest desktop screen size (1600 px). These grids helped set standards for intense amounts of legal content for all the designers, as well as helped the developers set css styles for how the content would respond to each device.