Thomson Reuters: Responsive Web App


Company: Thomson Reuters  |  UI Designer: Me  |  UX Architect: Vidya Rajaram

At Thomson Reuters, I worked with the UX team to create a large scale enterprise responsive web platform. This software - internally called "Project X" aimed to be the one stop shop for law firms of all sizes. There were three sections to the app - Budget Planning, Frameworks (which was building the legal system into useable scenarios), and Workflow. 

I was the visual designer spearheading the workflow portion of the app - which functioned like a task management system. I worked with a UX Architect to make sense of business requirements and lay them out into useable features for the everyday law firm. I also aided in creating the initial style for the app, created annotated wireframes for documentation, iconography for zero states, and worked with CSS/Dev Front End teams to bring visual/ux design into a coded reality.