Medtronic: Synchromed Tablet App

Medtronic Neuro-Modulation  |  UX Architect: Doug Cerny  |  Art Direction by: Sequence  |  UI/UX Designer: Maggie Janssen

While at Medtronic Neuromodulation, I was one of two in house UI/UX designers helping the software team to create various health care therapy apps being coded with Java and using Android as their platform. This app was designed for clinicians to program and track a pump device that regulated drug intake for patients with chronic pain. 

MDT Neuromodulation had the branding company Sequence create an initial style guide that helped set initial standards for the design and functionality of the apps we created. Once Sequence set up shop, it became my job to own this project and oversee everything from a UI/UX perspective working with a variety of stakeholders and developers.