Medtronic: Verify Mobile App

Medtronic Neuro-Modulation  |  Design lead, UI Design, Iconography, Requirements Gathering, Sitemap Creation & Maintenance, Wireframing  |  Supervising UX Architect: Doug Cerny

At Medtronic I got the chance to design a health tracker app for patients with overactive bladder problems who would be receiving a stimulation therapy to help reduce symptoms.

Patients would be able to enter in their symptoms through the day, call for support, fill out their online profile, and receive trophies for their efforts. This was all part of a grander online healthcare portal currently being designed in house at Medtronic Neuromodulation Software. 

I created/designed a wireframe and sitemap for how the app would work/flow for the user as a whole using Omnigraffle. The apps look/feel/interactive components were designed with some material design taken into account for Android, and was also an initial first stab at how Medtronic's new Branding (Launched August 2015) could look applied to product design.