Medtronic: Common Design Lanuage

Medtronic Neuro-Modulation Software  |  UX Architecture, Pattern Design, Global System Design, UI Design, Interactive Design  |  UX Direction: Sequence

Working with multiple software developers and product owners - I was one of 3 visual designers adding to, editing, testing, and building this style guide for internal use for all the teams within the Neuro-Modulation department at medtronic.

This was the base of the design ecosystem for all the apps to be developed in house ranging from tablet to handheld to desktop apps. I checked color contrast ratios, tested product patterns, checked font sizes for readability standards, created icons, brainstormed the style by creating mood boards, observed usability studies and translated those results, documented and tested common feature components for my app projects, as well as created new layouts/features for the projects i specially oversaw.