3M: Business Commerce Website "bCom"

3M @ 3M.Com UX Architecture Team  |  UX Architecture, Content Analyzation, UI Design, & UX Strategy  |  Research Done by: Katherine Shapiro  |  Front End Development by: Todd Magnussen

3M's B2B team had a need for a responsive, company branded website for all of their business to business transactions on a global scale. Their current method was having users either calling in directly, faxing orders in, and/or utilizing third party websites to track all of their b2b activity. Much of the challenge in this project was to fix a broken UX process that was not sustainable or efficient. I worked closely with all the stakeholders to wrangle in consistency, educating the team about a proper UX process, aligning with existing brand standards, and collecting the many requirements for each screen. The design work was done in Axure, with Illustrator to design icons, using prototypes to convey concepts instead of static images.

Challenges: This project prior to my arrival had been through 3 design agencies in 5 years, so i had to come into a website that was a bit of a UX mess designed only for short term success. There was no UI guide and the development team was offshore and culturally cut off from any design process. Corporate culture was not used to the internal UX Design process so i had to educate every stakeholder that i worked with about proper UX best practices. A business requirement requested this site be responsive as well, but they did not consider mobile optimization a high priority. 

Success: This was a unique opportunity for me, getting the chance to independantly lead a project flying solo without a manager or any upper level support. I set design process standards from concept (low fidelity), to iteration, to testing, to final high fidelity working alongside the front end developers and attempting to bridge the divide between design and development. I also worked one on one with a UX researcher for multiple usability studies on this site.